Retirement Planning

Retirement isn’t just about stretching your dollars further. From income and investments to government benefits, super and tax: there are a lot of decisions to make. Whether developing an investment strategy to maximise cash flow, or capitalizing on the tax effective strategies available to you, with the right planning you can make the most of your life now whilst building for a long – and rewarding – retirement.

  • Are you planning to retire, but don’t know when you will be in a position to do so?
  • Are you unsure about how much you need to save in order to achieve your retirement goals? More importantly, do you have enough money to live the type of life that you want in retirement?
  • Are you making adequate personal super contributions in order to boost your retirement savings?
Transition to Retirement

It is important to start retirement planning as early as possible – it helps to keep your choices open when you retire. By having a transition-to-retirement plan in place you afford yourself two options:

  1. Reduce the tax you pay whilst continuing to work full-time until retirement by replacing part of your salary/income
  2. Reduce the hours you work whilst supplementing your income with a pension

Retirement Planning: how can Hunt Wealth help?

Retirement Planning: how can Hunt Wealth help?Understanding what you want and your options to meet your requirements is the foundation of retirement planning Working together, we can determine your retirement lifestyle needs and put a plan in place to achieve them. In addition, we will ensure that your arrangements are structured in order to maximise any government benefits you may be entitled to, and to minimise your personal taxation.If you would like to arrange a complimentary, obligation-free meeting to discuss your retirement planning needs, please contact us at 8364 6555 or via for more information.